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Congratulations!  Deciding to start your own home care business is a huge step toward taking control of your future, both financially, socially and emotionally. Giving back to their communities is one of the greatest satisfactions our senior care franchisees experience.


With our top franchise opportunities, your senior care home business gets the benefit of your local ties to the community and our national experience and expertise. The best part of the elderly home care business model is your ability to build your own business while knowing you are making a difference at a difficult time in someone’s life.


What about income potential?
With an Always Best Care senior care business, it doesn’t take hundreds of clients to drive significant revenues.  In fact, one the average (per our Franchise Disclosure Document), it takes only 59 clients to generate one million dollars in annual revenues.  Compare that to a fast food franchise, or fitness center, or almost anything else where you need hundreds if not thousands of customers to reach the save revenue levels.


When you start your own home care business, the possibilities can seem almost endless. Seniors are the fastest growing segment of the American population, and there are senior home care business opportunities in virtually every city and state.


Always Best Care can help you recognize the opportunities in your community and offer the support to help you launch your senior care business. Home care and assisted living services are in high demand, and we sincerely believe our franchisees are small business owners who are committed to making life better for themselves and their clients.


What do I need to know?
One of the best things about starting your own home care business with an Always Best Care franchise is that we will help you every step of the way. From licensing to advertising, from training to operational support, from software to expanding business knowledge, we’re there to help.

After almost two decades in the elderly home care business, we’ve learned to recognize business owners with the potential for success. Our training program can help you build for your future. Give us a call -- we’ll answer your questions and help you navigate the way to owning your own senior care business.


How do I get started?
You already did! The first step to start your own home care business is to decide that you are ready to become an entrepreneur. Congratulations!


In fact, you made it to step two as well – researching existing opportunities. Senior home care businesses are one of the fastest growing industries in the United States today.  Virtually everyone wants to provide the best care for their mom or dad, or other elderly relatives. However, with the constraints of job, family and their own lives, not everyone has the time to provide that care themselves.


If you’re ready to take the next step, if you’re serious about your future, and you’re committed to building your own business, give us a call.  We can provide a lot more information about starting your senior care business, talk to you about franchise opportunities and where to go from here.