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The most successful validation process gathers objective information on both the franchise system and the performance characteristics of individual franchisees with whom you speak or meet. 

Here are examples of a few questions that will help you go "beyond the surface" to distinguish between the proven systems and processes of the Always Best Care system and the operating techniques of individual franchises who use the tools provided by ABC.


Questions for franchise owners


  • How quickly did you become an expert on the assisted living facilities in your territory?
  • Have you built the assisted living placement revenue stream aggressively?
  • Did you maintain the minimum referral generating activities every day?
  • Are you utilising the multiple libraries' of training systematically?
  • Have you created and maintained a systematic marketing budget?


With this information you will be able to understand the actions that drive
success. This will provide you the context and perspective to gain the most
from the broader  questions about the business relating to:


  • "Break Even"
  • Revenue Mix
  • Cash Flow
  • Profit Margin

Questions about Always Best Care

All the information you gathered through this discovery process should enable you

to confirm the value of our systems and process when speaking with our franchisees. 

Ask about ...


  • Launching the business 
  • Ongoing Support 
  • Technology 
  • Training
  • Staffing 
  • Marketing

The Bottom Line


The bottom line between a top producer in virtually any franchise system and mid-range
or lower level
success is how well the system is being utilised.  When asked what they did
to become so successful,
the most typical response of a top producing
franchisee is:


"I followed the system."


When asked what they would have done differently, the typical

 response of franchisees is:  "I wish I had focused more on

marketing and selling from the day I opened my franchise."


Make sure you get a solid understanding of the individual franchisee's

commitment to the Key Performance Indicators of success at Always Best Care.


Approaching your validation discussions wisely will provide you with

a high level of understanding about each franchisee with whom you speak.  This also enables you to determine why some individuals may have more successful operations, and also who is most accountable for the success of their franchise.

 Enjoy your final step.


And remember, the best always say:  "The secret is no secret at all - I followed the system!"