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One of the greatest benefits of a franchise system is the availability of proven programs and techniques to help you build your senior care business and give you a competitive advantage.


Always Best Care has a proven, successful training and support system that combines both corporate and local services through our Master Franchisee support system.  Your local Master Franchisee is based near you, and provides on-the-spot coaching, mentoring and business-building advice that’s invaluable to both new and experienced franchisees. 


The powerful combination of corporate and local support enables you to navigate a clear and proven path as an Always Best Care franchise owner. We provide ongoing strategic planning, communications and team building, all at a local level.  Combined with low entry costs (Always Best Care was named one of the Top Low Cost Franchises by Franchise Business Review and one of the 25 Most Affordable Franchises by Black Enterprise magazine), Always Best Care franchise support provides definite advantages for people seeking a low cost business opportunity.


Our award-winning marketing and advertising builds brand awareness and helps lower the cost of sales for Always Best Care franchisees.  In addition, we generate leads that are distributed to franchise offices at a local level.  As an Always Best Care franchisee, you truly experience the concept of "Think globally, act locally," as we produce plans, programs and materials that can be picked-up and used locally with minimal modifications.


Expert guidance in obtaining your license...


To help launch your business as quickly and smoothly as possible, we provide all the necessary contacts as well as access to the nation's top health care licensure consultants to advise you on the most cost effective and time efficient procedures for acquiring your license and launching your business.


At the same time, Always Best Care franchisees can begin generating revenue even before their licensing process is complete by concentrating on care homes finder and referral services (which do not require any licensing).  This added revenue stream not only provides a way for new senior care franchisees to produce immediate revenue, but also helps them establish and build relationships with their key referral sources.



On March 31, 2010, there were 5,526 registered home care agencies in England. The number of home care agencies has increased each year from 2004.

Nursing agencies provide a variety of staff to care homes and hospitals, and introduce staff to individuals purchasing their own social care. There were 802 registered nursing agencies in 2010, with the vast majority (96%) run by the private sector.

Whilst residential homes remain the major provider of social care, the market is shifting towards provision by nursing homes and home care agencies. In London, in particular, home care agencies play a greater role in the provision of social care than in other regions.


Here's just a sampling of the support you'll receive with Always Best Care